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hahaha, great email.

Very true in all of it. An area that I would like to see some research
or opinions on is the views of privacy through the different ages, I'm
19 and as you say you like your privacy, I do too, however I've gotten
used to companies having information on me BUT greatly dislike them
giving it away (which is why I always scan places for the tick boxes to
keep it private). 

However, some polls here in the UK suggest people are strongly for the
new "ID card scheme" but I'm strongly against. For privacy reasons and
my opinion it will not protect much but expose information on us (also
the cost). 

I was wondering if anyone else on the list here from the UK or anywhere
really would agree to such a scheme? Does the fact of your information
being sprawled about the public domain become more acceptable to future

Thinking aloud


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Stu wrote:
Would love to see you get mad when companies sell off your snail mail
address :D

What makes you think I don't get mad :) I also get angry when spammers
ring my phone (I'm on the "no call" list), and I nail them (my latest
victim was some jerk from Direct TV). The dumbest thing I ever heard in
my life was from a check out girl at "Best Buy." They, and a few other
stores, now ask for your "phone number" when you check out. I told her,
"No, I don't give out my number, and I'm on the no call list anyway."
She said, "Oh, can I have your "cell phone" then?" What do you say to
these morons?? Their everywhere...

Yes - I like my privacy, and there's damn little of it left (in these
days of "Big Brother"). So I do tend to fight for every little scrap of

Okay - before I get a barrage of well meaning posts about the fact that
I'm using my real name and e-mail addy on this VERY public list - don't
bother. I KNEW what I was doing when I joined the list. I like to think
that I'm an honorable man (I know that sounds Klingon), I had time on my
hands, and I liked the DShield mission. I was willing to expose part of
my privacy to help fight the scum that preys on the innocents. In fact,
until now I was under the mistaken impression that everyone on the list
was doing the same. I actually thought it was a requirement. Now (that I
look) I see that some of the list members are hiding behind phony names
and servers such as "Mail Hop." So I guess that I AM the fool for
hanging my laundry out in the open. Oh well - another lesson that I
learned from DShield.
Parts of the Earth Unknown 

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