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> hahaha, great email.
> However, some polls here in the UK suggest people are 
> strongly for the new "ID card scheme" but I'm strongly 
> against. For privacy reasons and my opinion it will not 
> protect much but expose information on us (also the cost). 
> I was wondering if anyone else on the list here from the UK 
> or anywhere really would agree to such a scheme? Does the 
> fact of your information being sprawled about the public 
> domain become more acceptable to future generations?
> Thinking aloud


As a former member of the Royal Navy I am used to carrying around an ID
card, and when photos on driving licences were issued I embraced that too.
Even though it was forced upon me to carry that the RN ID card, I would
voluntarily have a UK ID Card.  Any 'Big Brother' thoughts are unfounded and
just the conspiracy theorists going mad.  Yeah sure there is the potential
for misuse, but there  is in all walks of life.  In my opinion, the benefits
far out way any downside.

Many a time the production of my RN ID card to prove who I was helped out,
including various trips to the US.
In this present climate of security threats and terrorism, it can't be bad
idea.  What would have happened if the police had stopped Jean Charles de
Menezes and asked for his ID card.

I am all for anything that improves security for myself and more importantly
my family.  I can't say I am too impressed with the cost of the plan being
suggested by the UK Government, but that is a fault of those who are
advising them.  Perhaps they do need to take a less technological approach.

As a recent article on my blog will show, I am also for the creation of a UK
Wide database of DNA, (and why not world wide if each country adopted it).
Think what that could do for the prevention and solving of crime. (And think
of the abuse of that system !!).  I don't think I am quite at the stage
where every person should have a bio-metric chip implanted under their skin,
but I wouldn't be against it in principle.  I don't have nothing to hide so
what is there to worry about? (Cue the conspiracists!!!)



Chris Wright

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