[Dshield] Yes,I'm angry

Glenn Jarvis gaj at uppergroove.ca
Thu Aug 25 13:18:27 GMT 2005

Mike Wydra mentioned:

>What makes you think I don't get mad  :)  I also get angry when spammers ring my phone (I'm on the "no call" list), and I nail them (my latest victim was some jerk from Direct TV). The dumbest thing I ever heard in my life was from a check out girl at "Best Buy." They, and a few other stores, now ask for your "phone number" when you check out. I told her, "No, I don't give out my number, and I'm on the no call list anyway." She said, "Oh, can I have your "cell phone" then?" What do you say to these morons?? Their everywhere...
I was on a no call list for two years. Didn't make much of a difference. 
I just tell them to take me off their list, which they are required to 
do here, but the list of these companies doing "survey's" or other 
garbage is so long it really doesn't help much.  Now I use other 
means..... "Gee, am I ever glad you called! My 5 dogs died this morning 
and I really need someone to talk to!"   Line goes dead rather quickly :-)
I had one call from these places that tried to sound as official as 
possible, but I knew what the call was... another survey. "Excuse me, 
I'm a little busy wiping......" I'll leave the rest up to your 
imagination... worked rather well (LOL).

The only time I give my phone number at the store is when I'm returning 
something, such as Canadian Tire. Any other time, I refuse. If they 
continue to insist on asking me for my phone number, I leave whatever I 
wanted to purchase and walk out of the store. I don't go back either.

>Okay - before I get a barrage of well meaning posts about the fact that I'm using my real name and e-mail addy on this VERY public list - don't bother. I
Well, that took all the fun out of it :-)   I use my real email as well. 
Doesn't make much difference to me as it's plastered on my website for 
obvious reasons. My email client is trained fairly well and if there is 
spam coming in, I rarely see it.

Off topic :  Thanks to all the help folks for the topic Re:Server. It's 
been a little crazy here and this is about the only free moment I've had :-)


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