[Dshield] Correction

Justin S jgs316 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 13:26:08 GMT 2005

On 8/24/05, Mike Wydra wrote:
> Mike Wydra (Yup, that's me) wrote:
> >We just had a discussion about "on-line courtesy," yet you chose to >post my e-mail addy in the clear.
> I made a mistake. "Justin S." DOES post almost everyone's e-mail addy in the clear. In the ONE example that I had looked at - he didn't (that was a quote he took from Cefiar). I should have looked at more examples before I jumped the gun.
> I know from past experience that some of you guys are going to tell me that all of our e-mail addy's are in the header. This I know, and I appreciate the fact that some of you guys have taken the time to tell me that in the past. However, I still believe that it's improper to do that unless there is a specific reason for posting the addy.
> Mike Wydra
I sincerely apologize to anyone whose email address I left in the
header.  Gmail does that automatically and I just never paid attention
to it.  The one reply I made with no addresses in it was because I cut
and pasted sections from a few different posts.  Since I was doing the
editing, I left off the addresses.  I will in the future make a
conscious effort to remove them from the messages when I do my

As far as my address goes, I work for a financial institution, and
security is of the utmost importance.  We go through a lot of
regulatory examinations, and one of the sections deals with social
engineering.  If an attacker were to be lurking in a list that I was
posting to, they may be able to get all kinds of information about our
security procedures or our network.  Therefore, I try to be as
anonymous as possible with my postings.

As a person that deals with security concerns on a daily basis, I can
see where Mike would have drawn his conclusions.  Unfortunately, there
are a lot of people out there that do those things, and that disguise
themselves well.  After all, that's why we are here, because we are
concerned about security and securing ourselves and/or our
organizations/networks.  I appreciate Mike's apology, but I understand
he is just trying to protect himself as well and I can't blame anyone
for that.

Once again, I do apologize to Mike and anyone else that I may have
posted their address.  I mean no ill-will to anyone and I will so a
better job of minding my P's and Q's in the future.


BTW- Just in case anyone cares about my address scheme, jgs are my
initials, and 316 is because I used to be a Steve Austin from the
WWF(E) fan back when he was Austin 3:16.  So even though my address
may not look like it has meaning to anyone, it has meaning to me which
is ultimately important sense it's mine :-)

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