[Dshield] Banks Shifting Logins to Non-SSL Pages

jmulkerin jmulkerin at comcast.net
Thu Aug 25 14:37:35 GMT 2005

When you say its a cold day before you'll do on-line banking and yet you 
use plastic?    The same liabilities are in use wtih On-Line Banking as 
used with Plastic. We see a lot of paper statements delivered to the 
wrong address... or not delivered at all (Wonder who has them?).

Comparatively, On-Line banking is far safer if you're monitoring it and 
using it.

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>> must agree with Justin - It's going to be "a cold day in hell" before I do ANY on-line >>banking in the current environment. As more and more regular people get their funds >>stolen, or their credit wrecked, they will go back to visiting a "teller," and using snail >>mail. On-line banking is not safe, even if you have a totally secure machine. When people >>start to realize this on a mass scale - it will wreak the economy. There is only one >>solution for this, but I'm not going to start another holy war on the list by mentioning >>t. As far as "job security" is concerned - there will be no need for IT specialists when >>"Joe Average" quits using the Internet for ANY type of financial transaction.

John Mulkerin

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