[Dshield] Correction

admin admin at bartonphillips.com
Thu Aug 25 18:54:28 GMT 2005

I use Spam Assassin on my server. Almost all of my clients like it. It 
gets most of the junk. I have it in the .procmailrc and I move the junk 
into a Spam folder, then each night I rotate it to a Spam.n (where n is 
1-5) after five days the oldest is deleted. I use the Linux logrotate to 
do the work. Spam Assassin supports both black and white lists and is 
pretty configurable. It's not perfect but it is pretty good and almost 
never deep sixes an email I want. I get somewhere around 200 to 400 spam 
a day but only two or three get past Spam Assassin. Some of the Viagra 
spam that has a jpeg or gif instead of text get in sometime and then 
there are the one line spams with just a link. Pretty hard to catch them.

I also use Thunderbird and find its spam gard pretty good too.

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