[Dshield] [DShield] Yes I'm Angry

George Siegel ges at gesls.net
Thu Aug 25 12:53:52 GMT 2005

Mike Wydra wrote:

> Now (that I look) I see that some of the list members are hiding behind phony names and servers such as "Mail Hop." So I guess that I AM the fool for hanging my laundry out in the open. Oh well - another lesson that I learned from DShield.

FWIW, Mailhop doesn't neccessarily mean that someone is hiding behind 
it. It could just be that someone is on a dynamic ip. I use them simply 
because it works better for me. Until I switched to using mailhop, I had 
a miserable time getting email to AOL.

George Siegel (my real name <g>)

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