[Dshield] [DShield] Yes I'm Angry

Sean Waddell swaddell at espgroup.net
Thu Aug 25 13:28:40 GMT 2005

Just tell them your number is unlisted.  The generally accept that and
move on.  If they insist for a numeber tell them to put their own in :-)
 I've done that several times and have no problems.


Craig Webster wrote:
> On Thu, August 25, 2005 12:43, Chris Wright said:
>>I once spent about $3500 in Best Buy after we moved to the US and the
>>checkout operator said that she couldn't process the payment unless I
>>provided my telephone number, so I gave them their own. (I was prepared
>>by a neighbour).  She never even blinked.
> I'd have just walked out and left $3,500 worth of stuff at the checkout
> for them to clear up. That's one expensive telephone number.
> Yours,
> Craig
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