[Dshield] Banks Shifting Logins to Non-SSL Pages

Sean Waddell swaddell at espgroup.net
Thu Aug 25 15:01:37 GMT 2005

I've talked to several friends who are in the banking industry and they
all seem to do online banking differently.  From what I gather if you
decide to utilize online banking that's up to you, but the info is
still there.  Your info isn't any more or less secure if you decide not
to use online banking (I know the arguement can be made that if a users
home computer is compromised yada yada yada).  It is much easier for
someone to dumpster dive and get someones bank statement and other
personal info that way.


jmulkerin wrote:
> When you say its a cold day before you'll do on-line banking and yet
> you use plastic?    The same liabilities are in use wtih On-Line
> Banking as used with Plastic. We see a lot of paper statements
> delivered to the wrong address... or not delivered at all (Wonder who
> has them?).
> Comparatively, On-Line banking is far safer if you're monitoring it
> and using it.
> In reply to:
>>> must agree with Justin - It's going to be "a cold day in hell"
>>> before I do ANY on-line >>banking in the current environment. As
>>> more and more regular people get their funds >>stolen, or their
>>> credit wrecked, they will go back to visiting a "teller," and
>>> using snail >>mail. On-line banking is not safe, even if you have
>>> a totally secure machine. When people >>start to realize this on
>>> a mass scale - it will wreak the economy. There is only one
>>> >>solution for this, but I'm not going to start another holy war
>>> on the list by mentioning >>t. As far as "job security" is
>>> concerned - there will be no need for IT specialists when >>"Joe
>>> Average" quits using the Internet for ANY type of financial
>>> transaction.
> John Mulkerin
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