[Dshield] [Fwd: Message from eBay Member]

Joe Matusiewicz joem at nist.gov
Thu Aug 25 19:10:41 GMT 2005

At 01:51 PM 8/25/2005, Chris Brenton wrote:
>New variation on eBay phishing. At least its the first time I've seen it
>so I thought I would give folks a heads up. Of course the link (part of
>the amen-pro.com network in France) appears to be whacked host.
>BTW, the "MailScanner..." text in red is not part of the original
>message, but rather my mail system adding in a warning.

I've heard about this one.  The message is supposedly from some 72 old 
woman who thought she bought a wheelchair from you.  Somewhere along the 
way you feel sorry for her and log in to a fake site to find out where her 
wheelchair is.  Imagination at its best or worst depending on your point of 

-- Joe

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