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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu Aug 25 14:19:04 GMT 2005

tor, 25.08.2005 kl. 14.02 skrev stu:

> I was wondering if anyone else on the list here from the UK or anywhere
> really would agree to such a scheme? Does the fact of your information
> being sprawled about the public domain become more acceptable to future
> generations?

You are as yet too young to know what you're gaffing about.

I'm originally from the U.K., 12 years in Norway, 28 years in the
Netherlands. I still (wonder why, it's useless apart from in the U.K.) l
have a bleeding inconveniently-sized British passport and a
conveniently-sized (fits in my back-pocket wallet) Dutch driver's
license. Within the year I guess I'll have a European identity card, too
- credit-card sized. In which case (in Europe the U.K. is *not* in
Europe, just as Norway and Iceland have chosen not to be), I can do
without my other identity things. I shall be glad to do so. It will cost
*me* 80 Euros (far more than that in US dollars, times 0.68 GBP), and I
shall be glad to shell out. It won't have any biometrics on it, simply a
passport photo and other details that have been verified by my local
council, before the council issues it. It should be valid in most
European countries.

I agree with Chris Wright that the British Government's (remember, the
U.K. is *NOT* in Europe, it is Bush's proxy arse licker) technical
demands are over the top. If my local council has vetted me thoroughly
and I have an alternative proof of identity, then that should be enough.
However, taken into account what I shall have to pay my local council, i
don't find the British cost exorbitant.

All in all, I'd rather have a personal ID system than not. As it is, I'm
automatically on the publicly-accessible Norwegian (from 28 years ago)
police's, tax authorities', all council's, motor authorities', doctor's,
housing, bank's, dentist's and hospital's lists. Same with Holland,
where i live now. Furthermore, Holland lets Norway know what I've been
up to (but couldn't give a damn about the U.K, remember, the U.K. is
*NOT* in Europe).

So, basically I'd be glad to have a definitive ID and proof of iton a
credit card-sized plastic document, that was acceptable world-wide.
Glad, glad, glad.


To Liza Picquard (?), by  Phil Williams on BBC Radio 5, Wed. 10th Aug.
2005, 15:59 CEST:

"What is your definition of 'poor'?"
"Well, if your only occupation is collecting dog turds for a living,
you're pretty poor ..."

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