[Dshield] [DShield] Yes I'm Angry

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Fri Aug 26 01:28:38 GMT 2005

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005, Chris Wright wrote:

-> I once spent about $3500 in Best Buy after we moved to the US and the
-> checkout operator said that she couldn't process the payment unless I
-> provided my telephone number, so I gave them their own. (I was prepared by a
-> neighbour).  She never even blinked.  Damn sure I saw her working a late
-> shift at the local McDonalds that evening too.

Mainly to you and MW:

Sometimes the things that customer service workers say or ask for we find 
a bit annoying, but I can say from personal experience that she likely 
didn't care if you had given her her own number back. I've not worked at 
Best Buy, but some places similar, and alot of what we had to do and even 
say was dictated to us, right down to the very sentence.

Everyone has to make a living; alot of us at places we don't really want 
to or where we have little or no say over how we conduct ourselves. I 
actually have a great deal of respect for people that work in these 
positions having been there and now knowing what it's like; it's not fun, 
so I try to remember what it's like to be on the other side of the counter 
as I go thru the day.

If someone is asking for a piece of information you don't like to give 
out, tell them it makes you feel uncomfortable to do so. That's their sign 
that they are now leaving the 'Truthful Information Zone'. If they say 
it's required or insist, simply make up something: you'll keep your 
privacy and they'll have kept their boss/company happy.

If someone badgers me for my number and I don't want to give it out, 
I'll give'em the one that shows in the phone book: a 24x7 dedicated 
computer line. I wonder how many people are trying to get thru right 
now?  ;)


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