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jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Fri Aug 26 04:56:49 GMT 2005

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005, Chris Brenton wrote:

-> New variation on eBay phishing. At least its the first time I've seen it
-> so I thought I would give folks a heads up. Of course the link (part of
-> the amen-pro.com network in France) appears to be whacked host.

Noted. Adding it to milter config now. ;)

BTW, you can forward eBay scams to spoof at ebay.com. They like them be only 
the scam email, in full, with the headers (that is, don't add any replies 
to/about it, just a forwarded mail). I used to get alot these, constantly. 
I found that if I posted to USENET, as I did two days ago, it brings in a 
barrage of them. Since that last post I've gotted about 6-7 of them. I 
rarely get spam at all, accept these and those damn "PayPal" ones. I 
reported them all, using a form letter, but it got so even that took alot 
of time to look up the real IP's of the sites, find abuse addresses, etc. 
Now I use a milter for Sendmail, it works really well against them, 
stopping all of those from that USENET post two days ago. It's meant for 
BSD (but works fine under linux with a few modifications), and is here: 
(I'll forgive his mean rule against dynamic mailers ;)

I made it more Linux-friendly and jazzed it up with a start-stop script 
that's not distro-dependant (just uses kill and pidof), cleaner Makefile, 
and a few small things so it would compile nicely with GCC 3.4.3. Note 
that you need your Sendmail compiled with milter support, and you need to 
manually copy the libmilter & headers around from the source 'ball, 
because they don't install as part of a normal build. Basically that's the 
/sm Sendmail includes, libmilter.a and/or libmilter.so and the 4 libmilter 
headers. You'll also need one small line added to your sendmail.m4, and 
rerun it thru m4.


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