[Dshield] RE: Yes I'm Angry

Mike Wydra mwydra1 at comcast.net
Fri Aug 26 02:20:41 GMT 2005

Jaywa wrote:
>Mainly to you and MW:
>Sometimes the things that customer service workers say or ask for we find 
>a bit annoying, but I can say from personal experience that she likely 
>didn't care if you had given her her own number back.

Jaywa - You and some others just don't seem to understand that it's a matter of personal PRIVACY! The store clerk shouldn't be asking for a phone number in the first place. "Best Buy" started out by asking for your "Zip Code." What's next - your DOB and SS#? How many dots do you let them connect before it dawns on you that you're slowly losing your FREEDOM. Go ahead - call me paranoid - call me a conspiracy freak - I don't care... I've been alive long enough to see ALL kinds of "stuff" happen that you wouldn't normally believe. The "stuff" sneaks up on you, and if your smart enough to catch on - the normal response to questions is, "Oh, your afraid of change."

I worked a "paper route" when I was 12 years old. I then worked at a hamburger joint when I was 16. NEVER once was I told to collect information on my customers. If I were told to do so, and a customer told me to pound sand, I would have told my boss that the policy was irritating my clients. If the Company wanted to continue to lose business, well... 

Don't tell me that I don't feel sorry for the kid behind the counter - I've been there and done that. Maybe the kid will get some brains and ask him/herself "why do people get mad about this?" On top of it all - our personal information is going into BB's mainframe. I hope to God that their IT department isn't run by the "Geek" squad.

Hiding Out

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