[Dshield] Looks strange to me

Jean-Pierre Schwickerath dshield at hilotec.net
Fri Aug 26 14:39:54 GMT 2005

> I was at a client and took a look at the routing table of his netgear
> router and noticed the following.
> I said to my self, self that's a private IP that's not part of his
> subnet 192.168.0.* and it's also a broadcast subnet mask?

It's not a "broadcast subnet mask" but a host subnet mask. Basically it
tells you the route is just for that host and no other (all bits of the
ip address must match for the route to be used).

> I did a little nmap against it and many random ports responded.
> There are other issue that I need to address first, does anyone have
> any idea what this could be?  I unplugged every device on the network
> and it still responded so maybe it's the lan side of the dsl modem? 
> Or maybe I just really need some rest, it sure looks strange to me.

What is the gateway to this particular route? If you do a
tracepath (or traceroute or tracert) where does it go through?


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