[Dshield] Is this common : Fake stock spam ?

vinny vinu at hiwaay.net
Fri Aug 26 14:56:13 GMT 2005

Its kind of funny, because I had seen these for years, and up until 
today, I had not recieved any further ones. Wonder, why all of sudden 
they are starting up again. Perhaps they are using more dubious spam

Joe Matusiewicz wrote:

>At 03:40 AM 8/26/2005, Leeuwen, Allan van wrote:
>>Hi list ...
>>This is the first time I have received spam that tries to promote a
>>certain stock. I'm sure it's from a company that's about to go bankrupt
>>(hence the 0.02c per share) or a completely non existing company. How
>>can they get a non existing company onto the stock market though ??
>They're called penny stocks...I've been getting this stuff for years.  Our 
>fax machine gets a bunch of them plus super vacations at Disney World for 
>$99.  The stock scam is called "Pump and Dump".  The sender owns some of 
>the stock.  The trick is that the company has low market capitalization so 
>that relatively small purchases in the stock will cause a large increase in 
>the price.   Then the spammer sells.  I've never seen any these stocks 
>going for more that $.50...but I haven't looked at any in a while.  If they 
>get past my spam filters I delete them as soon as I look at the subject line.
>-- Joe
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