[Dshield] Paranoid schizophrenic or automated Spam?

Alan Frayer afrayer at frayernet.com
Mon Aug 29 20:51:03 GMT 2005

Portz, Jon wrote:

>Anyone got anything on this? This has to be the strangest email I have
>ever seen. I found a couple of other really odd postings and emails
>related to this around the web, nothing referencing a worm or spambot.
>So I'm wondering if this is just someone who is seriously cracking up or
>if it's an attempt at creating automated spam that makes more sense than
>the crap that everyone has seen coming from EMEA and APAC.
Truly strange... reads like the rough plot behind a Hollywood script. 
Are you in a position where someone might think it logical to turn to 
you for help of this nature? I was expecting a certain African-like 
summation, but when it didn't materialize, I was left wondering what the 
purpose of spam of this nature might be.

I'm not into conspiracy theories, but I'm not inclined to off-handedly 
reject the possibility someone really believes what she's writing. If 
you are an essential nobody (as I admit myself to be), then the idea of 
spam picks up some merit.

Alan Frayer
Technology Consultant
afrayer at frayernet.com

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