[Dshield] Paranoid schizophrenic or automated Spam?

Chris Wright dshield at yaps4u.net
Mon Aug 29 20:58:09 GMT 2005

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> Portz, Jon wrote:
> >Anyone got anything on this? This has to be the strangest 
> email I have 
> >ever seen. I found a couple of other really odd postings and emails 
> >related to this around the web, nothing referencing a worm 
> or spambot.
> >So I'm wondering if this is just someone who is seriously 
> cracking up 
> >or if it's an attempt at creating automated spam that makes 
> more sense 
> >than the crap that everyone has seen coming from EMEA and APAC.
> >  
> >
> Truly strange... reads like the rough plot behind a Hollywood script. 
> Are you in a position where someone might think it logical to 
> turn to you for help of this nature? I was expecting a 
> certain African-like summation, but when it didn't 
> materialize, I was left wondering what the purpose of spam of 
> this nature might be.
> I'm not into conspiracy theories, but I'm not inclined to 
> off-handedly reject the possibility someone really believes 
> what she's writing. If you are an essential nobody (as I 
> admit myself to be), then the idea of spam picks up some merit.

My first thought was the same as yours, as in when is Mr. Umbogu from the
Nigerian Company X going to make an appearance, and was curious when he

Perhaps they are relying on people to respond in some form or fashion to
this email rather than throw it away as you would most SPAM.  Those who
reply have just validated their email account exists.
But then I am a suspicious so and so in this day and age.

Either that or someone was smoking some seriously strong weed when they
wrote it.  It's a new one on me.



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