[Dshield] Active Directory Firewall rules

Scott Melnick smelnick at water.com
Mon Aug 29 22:23:01 GMT 2005

Well, at the least. If you are unsure, you need to watch the traffic for
a day or 2 and see what ports are being communicated. If you do an ANY
ANY rules then log the connections in a syslog so you can go back and
research all the ports being used.

Scott Melnick
Security Admin

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Greetings all -

    I'm being told by someone higher than I in the AD food chain here
at Ivory Towers Inc that I have to add a rule in my firewall that says
ROOT_DC ANY to MY_DC ANY.  Now, color me ignorant, but I thought AD
traffic used a FINITE group of ports(actually I'm being kind...i
thought it was only tcp445).  Why should I open everything to these

Warwick AckFin

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