[Dshield] How much of the Internet did Katrina take down?

Witt, Allen DAVID.A.WITT at saic.com
Wed Aug 31 17:14:17 GMT 2005

I'd be willing to bet that a high percentage of sites are down in the New
Orleans/Biloxi area, and not just because of power issues. Contacts in the
area are telling us that they have emergency power via generators, but the
data lines and their demarks are still under water and will be that way for
a while. 

I just hope most companies have DR sites that they can move their operations
to that are outside of the effected area (at least 250 miles away and out of
the storm path).

Allen Witt - MCSE, CISSP
Network Security Administrator

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Someone asked me why they couldn't get to www.dameware.com and it turns out
by running whois that the name is registered to a company very near New
Orleans and on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain.

Obviously, dameware.com probably isn't coming back online soon.

I can imagine a number of vendors got knocked out by this.

Any idea who else is out for the near term?

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