[Dshield] Remote incident handling tool

Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 21:21:18 GMT 2005

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote: On Thu, 01 Dec 2005 04:04:14 PST, Mark said:

> If this is a "for profit" effort, you may want to
> check the license on the distros before going forward
> - e.g. GPL. If the distro is released under GPL you
> may want to take a hard look at how it would be used.

 The GPL only matters when you start making *copies* and distributing them.  And
even *there*, if you're using the program unmodified, all you need to do is
remember "grab the source when you grab the binary, and pass along both source
and binary".  If you modified it, you pass along the binary and the source *as
you modified it*.  The only way to actually get yourself into trouble is to use
GPL source in your product, and then refuse to ship the required sources on
request (you don't even have to ship it *with* the product).
 Thanks for your input, especially on the GPL concerns.  This will definately be a free product.  The major stumbling block seems to be setting it up so that not just anyone can get a copy off your site and use it to VPN into your network or something crazy like that.
 Anyway, I will keep everyone updated as we progress.

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