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Gary Price gmprice at cio.sc.gov
Fri Dec 2 14:35:45 GMT 2005

I agree with the statement "Windows OneCare may cause irreparable harm
to your system"
Thursday I signed up and downloaded OneCare.
A firewall module was turned on, and the SecurityCenter firewall
application was turned off.
Nice idea about all of the applications being in one interface....
BUT there is more....
The install also reconfigured my system.
I run the cisco vpnclient....
It would not work any more...error message was "can not communicate
with the remote ipsec device"
Two new reporting catagorize were added to the error logs....
I tried to turn the firewall off and to even modify the policy but I
had no "front end" to manage it......
I did a system restore, all is ok.......but were do you read about the
modifications to your system before the install.....

>>> fergdawg at netzero.net 12/1/2005 4:37:54 PM >>>

Not only that, but:


You've heard Windows OneCare is Microsoft's attempt to wipe out the
anti-virus and firewall vendors. You agree that it oughta be free, since
Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities trigger the need for Windows Onecare.
And you're worrying that Microsoft has once again put the gun to its own
head, triggering anti-trust suits that will cause it to spend another
five years contemplating its bellybutton.

Those are the least of your worries. Windows OneCare may cause
irreparable harm to your system.



- ferg

-- Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

But only after you enabled ActiveX and installed a control that
nobody's had
a chance to thoroughly analyze yet (which is what's wrong with the

Is that thing marked "safe for scripting"?


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