[Dshield] Windows Live Safety Center

Chris Wright dshield at yaps4u.net
Fri Dec 2 17:57:09 GMT 2005

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> Interesting opinions on this product, now that beta software 
> has become available to the general population that wishes to 
> use it, everybody complains if it doesn't work or breaks 
> something. This is BETA after all. 

No matter how well you test a product, whether it be hardware of software,
you can never get 100% test coverage.
I've worked in Test Engineering for almost 18 years and you just can't do
Beta testing provides a user base of those people who feel competant enough
to test it out, or those who can't wait to try out some new
Those with any common sense would not run a beta release on a live/mission
critical/un-backed up system without taking the necessary precautions.
Creating a Beta program opens up your test case coverage to the mass user
base, and after all, they are the ones that will use it. You can test your
heart out but I would guarentee withing hours of releasing a Beta release a
bug report will be filed (actually, there are likely to be loads).  And this
is regardless of how many Alpha releases you have done.  

Now obviously, you don't beta release control systems for shuttle launches,
or medical life support system etc etc, and these are tested to death, but
they also have safety systems built in to protect in the event of a failure
(Unless of course you program in Miles and enter data in Meters and your
satelite plummets into the surface of a planet at mach 1).

But as you say, Beta is Beta.  
If it is some functionality that you really really need (a Sony Rootkit
remover), and the risk of data loss is neglibable, then it would be ok to
If it some beta application to say perform a defrag of your hard drive(s),
then you best be sure you have everything backed up.


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