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Mambo is a dynamic portal engine and content management system.
The software is written in PHP. A computer researcher which goes under
the alias rgod released an exploit for the "register_globals"
Emulation Layer Overwrite vulnerability and just a few days after the
vulnerability was released increased attacks for this vulnerability was
monitored, the increased traffic is due to a worm which is currently in
the wild.

Linux/Elxbot is a backdoor for the Mambo vulnerability. It will search
on Google for vulnerable targets. Once it infects a computer it will
connect to a predetermined IRC server where the attackers will wait and
have the possibility to gain access to the infected computer. The
attackers may also perform various tasks such as:

* Execute arbitrary commands
* TCP flood
* HTTP flood
* UDP flood
* Search Google for more vulnerable targets
* Portscan

On certain systems it will also download a perl script which will allow
the attacker to create a backchannel and spawn a shell on the infected
computer with the same privileges as the running webserver.

A detailed profile is available for Outpost24 members, for more
information please visit our webpage at http://www.outpost24.com

Download the latest version from the official Mambo homepage or download
the specific patch for this vulnerability.


Backdoor was analyzed by David Jacoby at Outpost24 Security

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