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Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Mon Dec 12 18:35:54 GMT 2005

  I will be teaching "Intrusion Detection in Depth" next spring as part
of the SANS at Home program. The @Home format is taught remotely and split
into 12 session. Typically, there is one session a week, with each
session 4 hrs long.

  The class is in my opinion very unique and you will have a hard time
finding a similar class someplace else. We will not teach you how to
configure a particular IDS, but instead the class will focus on
understanding TCP/IP and the basic concepts of intrusion detection.
Snort will be used extensively, and overall the course covers a lot of
open source software.

  At a conference, the course is thought in 6 days. With the @Home
format, you not only save on travel expenses, but you also have some
time to review the material between each session, and we will have time
for hands on exercises and demonstrations.

  For more details, see:


  The course will start on February 2nd and run through May 11th.

  And "fresh of the press": The SANS Technology Institute is now
offering a Master of Science degree in Information Security Engineering.
"Intrusion Detection in Depth" is one of the required courses. For
details, see http://www.sans.edu.

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