[Dshield] Standalone firewall for ics at home

Benjamin Koch BK-D at gmx.de
Tue Dec 13 17:20:54 GMT 2005

Hello List

I have a little problem.
Maybe its off topic but I hope you can help me :)
I have a linux router with a nice firewall. I want to reduce my energy
costs and have the same security level as before.
I have a little network (5PCs) and they are all connected to the
Internet by that router.

There are some hardware firewalls like
"Symantec GatewaySecurity 320"
"Watchguard Firebox X Edge"
"Innominate mGuard"
Has anybody got experiences with those firewall/routers?

The firewall must be "easy" to configure (i have "good" knowledge
about networks) and they have to be secure - undedectable via portscans
or invulnerable against ddos or worm/trojan attacks...
Yes i know that nobody is invulnerable against ddos - only you have a
little mexican with a wirecutter ;)
Off course - at every workstation is kaspersky av installed but i have
a friend who uses a netgear router and he has problems with some
trojans/viruses in fact of using the routers firewall. With my linux
firewall i never had a problem with worms...

Can anybody help me to make a decision?
Price range up to 200EUR
If it's possible a webinterface in german ;)

Greetz Benjamin

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