[Dshield] atdmt multi-popups

Craig craig at reswob.net
Tue Dec 13 21:23:44 GMT 2005

Has anyone run into this problem?  I googled it a couple of ways, but 
got no helpful hits.  I joined this list hoping someone had heard of 
this, seen this, had an answer or could direct me to somewhere I could 
find an answer.

I primarily use Netscape 8.0 (one of the very few I know who use 
Netscape) and occasionally when I visit a site while using the IE 
engine, the site will display, but I will still get several (2-8) alert 
windows saying "The domain name could not be found.  Please check the 
name and try again".  OK, a minor annoyance, but one I could live with 
and I simply click them closed. 

Here is where the problem comes in; everyone once in a while (while at 
the same site), instead of the alert window, I get a TON of IE windows 
opening up (60, 70, 80, 90+) to a view.atdmt.com/cnt/view/(bunch of 
numbers) site.  I can't do anything, open any menus or bring up Task 
Monitor.  The only way out is to ctrl-alt-del and log off or shut down.

I went to www.atdmt.com.  Turns out they sell tracking services to track 
surfing habits and clicking habits.  They appear keep only a small 
number of cookies, I've only seen 3 - 5 on my machine at a time when I 
run Spybot.  When I emailed them asking about the issue, they claimed it 
was some sort of spyware on my machine causing it.  Spybot hasn't 
detected any spyware at all (only cookies) and I only have two freeware 
apps installed on my machine anyway.  Besides, why would a third party 
spyware open up to atdmt.com?

Anyway, I have switched to using the mozilla engine almost exclusively 
all over the place, but I'm still curious if anyone else has run into 
this using IE or Netscape 8.0 with the IE engine.



Craig L. Bowser   SANS GSEC (Gold)
Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

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