[Dshield] Standalone firewall for ics at home

Benjamin Koch BK-D at gmx.de
Wed Dec 14 13:55:28 GMT 2005

First af all thanks for the informations.

The workstations already have a TFT Display installed and the energy
costs are much lower now.
My friend is using Windows XP Home with the automatic updated SP2.
I don't know if i deactivated UPnP at his Netgear router but I think
I have. Nevertheless I will check this - thanks to Cefiar

Rik Kershaw-Moore wrote about a Cyberguard RS firewall.
I found the Cyberguard VPN Firewall Router SG565 4Port Switch which
sounds really really nice to me.

Netscreen 5GT 10 User Firewall/VPN Appliance v. Juniper seems to
be usefull too.

Some experience with those above?

Best regards,
 Benjamin                          mailto:BK-D at gmx.de

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