[Dshield] Standalone firewall for ics at home

mary malum at freeshell.org
Wed Dec 14 16:21:44 GMT 2005

> This is not in line with your thinking BUT if you're looking to save energy
> replace all of your CRT monitors with LCD. The average 17" CRT uses between
> 300 and 400 watts. The average 17" LCD uses 30 watts.

Using the serial ports for console/dumb terminal would be much cheaper.  A 
"PC" running 24/7/365 only costs $70.00 a year, per PC that is. (ymmv.)

> Other than that I would tell you to look at the Netscreen 5GT from Juniper
> Networks but I don't know if they're multi lingual. I understand that the
> Symantec products are supposed to be very nice, although I have no personal
> experience with these.

NS5GT is an excellent choice, I own one too.  Anything Juniper makes is 
high quality, IMHO.

If cost is an issue.. consider OpenBSD using its native firewall (pf), the 
only down side to this is learning the ruleset syntax I suppose.


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> Hello List
> I have a little problem.
> Maybe its off topic but I hope you can help me :)
> I have a linux router with a nice firewall. I want to reduce my energy
> costs and have the same security level as before.
> I have a little network (5PCs) and they are all connected to the
> Internet by that router.
> There are some hardware firewalls like
> "Symantec GatewaySecurity 320"
> "Watchguard Firebox X Edge"
> "Innominate mGuard"
> a.s.o.
> Has anybody got experiences with those firewall/routers?
> The firewall must be "easy" to configure (i have "good" knowledge
> about networks) and they have to be secure - undedectable via portscans
> or invulnerable against ddos or worm/trojan attacks...
> Yes i know that nobody is invulnerable against ddos - only you have a
> little mexican with a wirecutter ;)
> Off course - at every workstation is kaspersky av installed but i have
> a friend who uses a netgear router and he has problems with some
> trojans/viruses in fact of using the routers firewall. With my linux
> firewall i never had a problem with worms...
> Can anybody help me to make a decision?
> Price range up to 200EUR
> If it's possible a webinterface in german ;)
> Greetz Benjamin

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