[Dshield] atdmt multi-popups

John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Wed Dec 14 22:37:32 GMT 2005


I use/keep Netscape 7.2 in my portfolio of browsers and use it 
frequently, mainly because I also use the email client (back in the day 
the mail client was called Communicator).

The only reason I have not upgraded is that, as far as I can tell, they 
have carved out support for the mail client. Furthermore there does not 
seem to be a way to import my email database into Thunderbird so I am 
"stuck" at Netscape 7.2. Any insights you have on this would be appreciated.

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Craig wrote:

>Has anyone run into this problem?  I googled it a couple of ways, but 
>got no helpful hits.  I joined this list hoping someone had heard of 
>this, seen this, had an answer or could direct me to somewhere I could 
>find an answer.
>I primarily use Netscape 8.0 (one of the very few I know who use 
>Netscape) and occasionally when I visit a site while using the IE 
>engine, the site will display, but I will still get several (2-8) alert 
>windows saying "The domain name could not be found.  Please check the 
>name and try again".  OK, a minor annoyance, but one I could live with 
>and I simply click them closed. 
>Here is where the problem comes in; everyone once in a while (while at 
>the same site), instead of the alert window, I get a TON of IE windows 
>opening up (60, 70, 80, 90+) to a view.atdmt.com/cnt/view/(bunch of 
>numbers) site.  I can't do anything, open any menus or bring up Task 
>Monitor.  The only way out is to ctrl-alt-del and log off or shut down.
>I went to www.atdmt.com.  Turns out they sell tracking services to track 
>surfing habits and clicking habits.  They appear keep only a small 
>number of cookies, I've only seen 3 - 5 on my machine at a time when I 
>run Spybot.  When I emailed them asking about the issue, they claimed it 
>was some sort of spyware on my machine causing it.  Spybot hasn't 
>detected any spyware at all (only cookies) and I only have two freeware 
>apps installed on my machine anyway.  Besides, why would a third party 
>spyware open up to atdmt.com?
>Anyway, I have switched to using the mozilla engine almost exclusively 
>all over the place, but I'm still curious if anyone else has run into 
>this using IE or Netscape 8.0 with the IE engine.

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