[Dshield] Cisco.com Autentication server Compromise

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Sat Dec 17 23:27:09 GMT 2005

Yes.  There was a compromise some time ago, and Cisco had to do this.  I am guessing you haven't accessed your account for awhile.

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here is what I got when I went to authenticate to the Cisco.com www site 

        * Cisco has determined that Cisco.com password protection has
          been compromised.     
        * As a precautionary measure, Cisco has reset your password. To
          receive your new password, send a blank e-mail, from the
          account which you entered upon registration, to
          cco-locksmith at cisco.com <mailto:cco-locksmith at cisco.com>.
          Account details with a new random password will be e-mailed to
        * Because of a large number of requests, registered Cisco.com
          users may experience delays in receiving the new passwords.
        * This incident does not appear to be due to a weakness in Cisco
          products or technologies.
        * If you receive a request for additional information it is
          because there are more than one User ID in the Cisco.com
          database associated with your email address. Please follow the
          instructions provided.

Has anyone else seen this?

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