[Dshield] ThreatCon Indicator

Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Mon Dec 19 11:48:23 GMT 2005

I've looked and hunted, even emailed Symantec about that. No reply...

I have the Dshield Top Top Attacker and ISC infocon graphic on my site, plus virus/security alert/news feeds from most of the AV
companies, including Symantec. But no ThreatCon feed is available as far as I've been able to discern.

If you find out where to get it, let us know!


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Does anyone know how to add the Symantec ThreatCon graphic to a webpage and have it update when the page changes? The one on
https://tms.symantec.com/ looks to be a static (not updated in
realtime) graphic.
I'm trying to setup a page that my junior Analysts can use to check for updates, risks, news, etc.

ISS provides a Threat Indicator that auto updates, but my vendor of choice is Symantec.


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