[Dshield] ThreatCon Indicator

Mark Brunner mark_brunner at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 19 14:25:41 GMT 2005


I'll bet you are referring to the "INFOcon" at SANS.  Useful, and on our
site, but not quite the same.
I've collected a group of relevant indicators in order to review and report
our general risk status according to our vendors, as well as recognized
authorities like SANS, and included a few security news tickers too boot.
It would be beneficial to have all of these indicators grouped in one place,
IMHO, for review by our security staff and potentially internal customers.
Guess I'll just keep hunting.


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On Sunday 18 December 2005 03:26 pm, Mark Brunner wrote:
> I'm trying to setup a page that my junior Analysts can use to check for
> updates, risks, news, etc.

Why, http://isc.sans.org of course!

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