[Dshield] ThreatCon Indicator

Mark Brunner mark_brunner at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 19 15:32:23 GMT 2005

Thanks Bill, but that is the javascript virus/vulnerabilty script.  got and
use those, but not the graphical display that I am after.  Users and
Management don't want to (and probably shouldn't have to) read the details,
they just want to know whether there is a significant threat, so they can
ask what the hell we are doing about it at the next IT meeting.


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Does anyone know how to add the Symantec ThreatCon graphic to a webpage
and have it update when the page changes?
The one on https://tms.symantec.com/ looks to be a static (not updated
realtime) graphic.
I'm trying to setup a page that my junior Analysts can use to check for
updates, risks, news, etc.

ISS provides a Threat Indicator that auto updates, but my vendor of
choice is Symantec.


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