[Dshield] damned if you do, damned if you don't. The art of blocking spam.

Håkon Alstadheim hakon at alstadheim.priv.no
Mon Dec 19 23:35:37 GMT 2005

Just a general rant: I'm a leaf in a standard, run of the mill norwegian 
  ISP network. Normally I use my own mail-server to send mail directly, 
but dshield blocks me, bacause I'm on a dynamic IP-block. Therefore I 
use my ISP's mail-server as relay when sending to dshield. Today I got 
this back from my ISP:
	This is a warning message only.
	  Your message remains in the server queue,
	  the server will try to send it again.
	  You should not try to resend your message now.

	Message delivery to 'list at lists.dshield.org' delayed
	SMTP module(domain lists.dshield.org) reports:
	 iceman12-ext.giac.net:451 Spam Received See:

	Reporting-MTA: dns; mailfe02.swip.net
...End quote.
Like I said, damned if you do, damned if you don't. Looking at the 
bright side, maybe they will "clean up their act" and block my outgoing 
port 25 connections to stop spam now. Never mind that it is THEIR 
servers that are spewing, that is just how the world works.

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