[Dshield] Guidance Software hacked?

Kenton Smith listsks at yahoo.ca
Tue Dec 20 23:54:48 GMT 2005

I think it's time the credit card companies got tough
on this kind of blatant violation. As far as I'm
concerned Guidance should have their VISA rights
revoked. They clearly broke the merchant agreement, so
why not?
Companies won't start being really careful with this
kind of thing until it starts costing them their
ability to do business.


--- Frank Knobbe <frank at knobbe.us> wrote:

> Anyone care to comment on this one?
> I'm extremely disappointed that they even kept the 4
> digit verification
> number, though I hear that a lot of merchants do
> that (in violation of
> CC policies).
> I guess because I don't live in California, I wasn't
> required to be
> notified? Thanks a lot fellas... :[
> -Frank
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