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Joel Esler eslerj at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 15:00:31 GMT 2005

Very good information Tony, thanks for emailing back.  I think it's  
rather sad that as far "ahead" as the United States is "supposed" to  
be, our ISP's are so far behind.

I have a 4 MB/s down and 750 Up.  I think I remember reading  
something about Europe having Gigabit to the house in some areas.

I think that telecommuting is becoming more and more prevalent in the  
US and I think the ISP's are playing catch up.  I think i read  
something recently, a study, about people actually more productive at  
home than at the office, because of comfort I guess.

I have several family members that work from home, and travel alot.   
I like working from home, I miss things like laughing with my friends  
at work, but it's nice to be able to take it easy..


On Dec 22, 2005, at 9:20 AM, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> Joel Esler wrote:
> [...]
>> This would indicate to me that the United States is not ready for
>> telecommuting.  Anyone else know why we are so far behind Europe?
> Availability of high-class, high-bandwidth, *affordable* (less than -
> say - less than $20 per month for 2Mb/s download/750 kb/s upload)
> (wireless?) ADSL broadband? No modem or installation costs? VOIP?
> I live in Holland, am a Linux/Windows sysadmin and can do 95% of my  
> work
> from home. Obviously I miss the collegiality and can't be present  
> at any
> physical machine reconfiguration/reset (nor taste Sami's delicious
> Javan/Suriname  canteen cooking at my work place in Amsterdam).  
> However,
> I do get to let my 6 cats out and in more or less 24x7 and go to the
> local village store whenever it's open, etc. etc. Plus avoid the 3- 
> hour
> per-day commuting time it costs to get from "my village" to Amsterdam
> and back.
> Here in Holland, ADSL broadband started out a couple of years ago as a
> rich man's toy, and even though there's really only one main provider
> (KPN, which has bought out something like 90% volume of all Dutch  
> ISPs)
> it's gradually evolved into something that just about everyone has and
> can afford.
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