[Dshield] OT Curiosity question

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Fri Dec 23 03:16:02 GMT 2005

Joel Esler wrote:

>This would indicate to me that the United States is not ready for  
>telecommuting.  Anyone else know why we are so far behind Europe?
Not a telecom expert, but I think there are two reasons:

The first is regulatory. I remember when i first came to the US, I
experienced for the first time a somewhat deregulated long distance
market. What a change from Germany, which was a state run monopoly at
the time. However, by now Europe overtook the US when it comes to
broadband friendly telecom regulation.

The second issue is geography/infrastructure. Europe tends to be setup
in tight residential areas. Even in rural areas, you have closely packed
villages with nothing in between. The US is different. I don't have
numbers, but I would imagine that even if you only look at the coasts
(so lets forget about wiring Montana for a while), you would still need
much more cable/fiber per user then you do in the Europe.

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