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Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Fri Dec 23 10:26:05 GMT 2005

I feel I have to add a little something to this.

The fiber is being deployed in western and eastern european countries but it depends highly on how internet friendly the government is and how the people view it.
Two examples of countries that have projects pulling fiber into peoples houses is the Netherlands and Sweden. Dutch authorities make it a point of pulling fiber out and you can get a subsidie that covers the installation and first year of service. You even get a cheap monthly fee of about 25 euros after that. Speed is usualy 10/10 and is without to much congestion.
Sweden have several players but generaly tend to deliver fiber only to apartment blocks were you get either 10 or 100 at home. ADSLv2 is deployed in major cities and that is theoreticaly 24/3 (not sure about the upstream).

A contrast to the highly connected countries we have the dutch neigbour Belgium that still enforces bandwith limits on ALL internetconnections. Lately internet speeds available via cable are up to 6/768k or 8/1 and ADSL of 4/1 is available.
The UK is testing ADSLv2 but that is a bit off still. They have a maximum of 4/1 on ADSL and I have no clue what cable is like.

Will be interesting to see what happens with Belgian limitations now that people are starting to do petitions to skip limits and just have fair use policys.

// Regards, Bo Nordgren

B.t.w. Merry Christmas, Prettige Kerstmis, God Jul, happy Hannuka and all the others.

On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 20:03:13 +0100, Jean-Pierre Schwickerath <dshield at hilotec.net> wrote:
>> I have a 4 MB/s down and 750 Up.  I think I remember reading
>> something about Europe having Gigabit to the house in some areas.
> You certainly mean ex-eastern Germany where they put glass fiber
> everywhere in the 1990s because they though fiber to the desktop was the
> future... Then came xDSL which requires copper wires and all the glass
> fiber was for nothing. It's there but merely noone uses it because it's
> too expensive to deploy.
> But within Europe the differences are quite big too, whereas in France
> you can get up to > 20Mbits (downstream) in certain areas, there is no
> way to dream of such a thing in Switzerland where there is basically no
> competition because of the monopolist Swisscom (2.4Mbits is the fastest
> downstream on adsl, sdsl goes up to 1.8Mbits). In Germany you can
> certainly get 6Mbits many cities...
> I don't know about the other countries but I believe it's always a
> question of how free the market is and how big the city is where you
> live. These are the main factors that influence whether providers
> invest in fast broadband accesses.

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