[Dshield] Dshield mention in "Redmond"

Joel Esler esler at knology.net
Sun Jan 2 00:18:59 GMT 2005

Magazine: Redmond

Page: 38 Strength in Numbers

"You're not alone when it comes to defending your network against the 
hackers of the world.  An online group called DShield (www.dshield.org) 
collects, catalogs, and summarizes data on the latest global Internet 
attacks.  DShield.org help in the early detection of the Code Red, 
Ramen, and SQL Snake worms.  The group was found in November of 200. 
Participation is free, as it goal is to raise awareness of Internet 
attacks with current and accurate information.  Check in on them 
periodically, and they can help you keep your firewall and intrusion 
detection rules as up to date as possible."

Joel Esler

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