[Dshield] Weblog analyzers?

David Vincent support at sleepdeprived.ca
Wed Jan 5 16:27:13 GMT 2005

Fielder, Wayne (CPE) wrote:

>Hey all,
>   For quite a while now we have been using Webtrends for log analysis with
>an eye toward marketing more than anything else really.  I'm sick of it. ;)
>I want something else.  Does anyone have suggestions for IIS weblog analysis
>that is opensource?

I use Analog, Report Magic, and QDNS.


Report Magic:
(http://www.reportmagic.org and http://www.reportmagic.com both return 
Not Found errors right now)


Here's a sample of the output you can get:

QDNS does the DNS lookups quicker than Analog will do them on its own, 
then Analog crunches the logs and Report Magic formats the results.


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