[Dshield] port 11768

HenryHertzHobbit hhhobbit at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 11:59:33 GMT 2005

Willy, Andrew wrote:
> We've been seeing it for the last two days. I've not found anything recent
> referring to 11768, except for messages on other forums asking, "What's with
> 11768?"
> Andrew


Are these the ones that are recent or are from several years back?

Unlike most *nix machines, Windows listens to all of the ports.
I have even installed Windows with no file or print sharing, and
Nessus still reports the underlying layers for it as being active.
I suspect it is directed at primarily Windows machines that are
directly connected via broadband but without a full anlysis of
what is hitting major *nix sites, edu sites, etcetera, it is a
shot in the dark.

I also do NOT have the capability of capturing the packets where
I am at.  I leave it to others that have that capability to do


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