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Tue Jan 18 18:09:08 GMT 2005

You tried another web browser like firefox?
Sometimes the error that you had after the login involves the registry
you can check the keys in winlogon to see if there is anything wrong.
I had once, years ago, exactly the same problem, but i wasn't able to
resolve it, but I think another browser will help you determining if the
problem it's in the IE configuration files of each user.
The IE reinstallation don't worked for me.

El lun, 17-01-2005 a las 21:30, Terese Tucker escribió:
> We are experiencing issues when updating windows 2000 to service pack 4 via
> using windows updates.  After upgrading we get a successful message then
> reboot.  Log into system and after the next re boot, when trying to log in
> it will do the log in process and the icons will appear for a second then
> disappear, the windows main screen is just blank.  Even does this in safe
> mode.  Seems like explorer.exe keeps crashing, not in list of processes when
> doing CTRL ATL DEL.   First we did a repair install of windows, then did
> restore of the system state, everything works fine except IE.  IE works fine
> under admin but not under a normal user, it won't display html properly.  
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