[Dshield] SMTP Problems!

Thomas Ditmars zarggg at zarggg.net
Thu Jan 20 17:31:37 GMT 2005

> Michael Thompson <mike at thompsonmike.co.uk> writes:
>> For the past hour I have just watched over 200 dialup machines from 
>> all over the world attemp to connect to my Mailserver
>> They were all rejected like the following
>> Jan 19 09:05:07 polaris postfix/smtpd[24494]: warning: Illegal
>> address syntax from
>> host195-202.pool82191.interbusiness.it[] in MAIL
>> command: @
>> This lasted for about a hour. All I can think of is that I was
>> picked on by some script/virus/Trojan looking to spam.
>> Any Views?

I've seen that traffic from domain (interbusiness.it) a lot in
"referrer-spam" on my weblog. I agree with your analysis.

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