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Thu Jun 23 00:45:34 GMT 2005

see if users are complying with the AUP/ToS (running servers, etc.) and
to check for security vulnerabilities. Depending on the severity of the
problem found, fixes have ranged from an email to cancelling the account.

I, too, do not mind the security scans. Although in this case, I would
think it a better idea to dedicate a machine or two to do this rather 
than utilize a critical component such as a DHCP server.

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Security scanning is usually not very CPU intensive. And who knows how
they write the script that does the scanning. It could easily take machine
load into account, e.g. only scan if it is below a certain threshold.

Personally, I think it is a good idea that @home is scanning customers.
However, I don't know what they actually do if they find a compromised
machine. Does anyone have experiences? Are they helpful? Or will you
just get disconnected?

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