[Dshield] di-604 router

Glenn Jarvis gaj at uppergroove.ca
Sun Jun 5 17:08:14 GMT 2005

It should work.  I have that router also.  I had to put my own parser 
together because of the broken way it sends email.  In my version, it 
used a CR after the timestamp as a field separator, and my ISP runs the 
qmail server, which rejects the mail because it breaks an RFC somewhere.

I had several problems when it came to the 604. First and foremost was 
trying to get the logs out to Dshield.

1. The router just wouldn't send the logs. Kept giving a smtp failure as 
Jody mentioned above.
2. I'm using the Canadian version. Since the bios's I kept getting were 
buggy, I switched over to the US bios. That cleared that problem
3. Many months later, the router just up and quite sending logs.I 
removed it from the setup for a a couple of weeks and then put it back. 
Seems fine again, for now
4. My ISP no longer allows mail to be sent to outside mailservers, such 
as Dshield, my hosting company etc... a secruity measure from what I was 
told, which I can understand.
5. To get around the problems of smtp failures, the security measure the 
ISP took, I reactivated my Mercury mail server. Logs are rolling out fine.

Mind you, I'm not getting acknowledgements this weekend, or Dshield 
daily reports, but I know everything is working here. :-)

Note : I learned, like Jody, that any ISP using qmail will cause 
problems. A large ISP in Canada I know of doesn't and I never had a 
problem with the smtp error with them.

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