[Dshield] Is Mytob that bad?!?

Stef stefmit at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 21:42:36 GMT 2005

On 6/5/05, Tom <dshield at oitc.com> wrote:
> We routinely block all those and more either standalone or
> encapsulated in a zip or a rar. Therefore, we never see nor have to
> deal with outbreaks like these and yet blocking as we do, we have
> never had any issues that would cause us to even consider shutting
> down mail.

So do we, adding also multi-layer anti-virus software - but
preventative solutions was not the intent of my question. My question
was directed toward those who may have experienced or at least known
something in the Mytob, different than anything else ever seen before,
that could have justified/caused such a(n over) reaction.


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