[Dshield] Dutch zombie attack ranslation

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon Jun 6 17:02:37 GMT 2005

Anything known about what follows?

Ok, I'm English (UK) but I speak and read Dutch fluently (lived here
since '77). The following translation  from the otherwise, ugh,

"CA warns of massive zombie networks."

Computer Associates published a  warning last Friday about an impending
massive attack of malicious software (malware) via large-scale networks
from  zombie-pcs. Botnets such as these are already being used as
relay-senders for spam bomb loads.

CA warns of a co-ordinated attack based on the combination of 3 trojans:
Glieder-AK, Fantibag and Mitglieder. The first of these, of which eight
have already been signaled, penetrates pcs and opened up ports for the
other two. After it gains access, Fantibag  eliminates the remainder of
the victim-pc's security.  Subsequently,  Mitglieder opens a back door
via which crackers can gain control over the machine. The trio are also
known as variants of the Bagle-downloader.


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