[Dshield] Is Mytob that bad?!?

Tom dshield at oitc.com
Mon Jun 6 01:10:37 GMT 2005

At 4:42 PM -0500 6/5/05, Stef wrote:
>On 6/5/05, Tom <dshield at oitc.com> wrote:
>So do we, adding also multi-layer anti-virus software - but
>preventative solutions was not the intent of my question. My question
>was directed toward those who may have experienced or at least known
>something in the Mytob, different than anything else ever seen before,
>that could have justified/caused such a(n over) reaction.


 From reading Symantec's and others writeups it not much different 
than many of the others in how it infects and propagates so I have no 
idea why they over reacted.


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