[Dshield] Anyone seen this obviously baited hook?

Brance Amussen :)_S brance at jhu.edu
Tue Jun 7 15:03:44 GMT 2005

(don't they make nearly invisible monofilament these days??)

Hi All, 

Got this (below) in my mailbox this morning.. Anyone else come across one of
these? Ball-sy I'd say, the link to "phishost" isn't even, remotely
obscured.. But then with the promise of free stuff, it wouldn't surprise me
if a whole lot of people let the consumer-devil in them pop up on a shoulder
and whisper repeatedly, "it's free stuff, free stuff, come on, it's FREE!!"
drowning out the computer security-angel on the other shoulder..  

Anyhow, a check on the surii.com domain shows up as belonging to a
georgewhite.net, and has a billing contact of mediadreamland.com.
Georgewhite.net seems to be the main register, mediadreamland, is an expired
and available domain.. Http requests to both phishost.surii.com, and
georgewhite.net, both return "No suitable nodes are available to service
your request" (this was done using firefox, not about to try IE). A quick
netcat hit shows it is up and running, and a GET /index.html (within NC)
returns the same error.. Hmm.. 
Perhaps it has been taken out of phishing service?? Was it ever recruited
into the phishing service?? 
Any thoughts?? (the full html version of the email is available on request)
If it is a soldier in the phishing forces, It would be nice to take it out..

But then maybe I am just paranoid of the obvious, and it is completely
legit.. But it don't smell like it..

Brance :)_S

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